Baby Sign Language

Understand your Baby’s Needs with SignShine Baby Sign Language

Babies are dependent on their parents and considerably helpless because they are unable to explain what they want or what’s wrong with them.

There are times when parents wish their child would just speak so they would know what to do. But, babies cannot talk and parents have to struggle until they learn how to.

The good news is that it is possible for preverbal babies to tell you want they need with the help of SignShine baby sign language.

SignShine studio was established in Los Angeles in 2005 by Etel Leit who is an expert in language and education.

SignShine is designed to teach helps children of all ages to use hand movements for expressing things even before they can learn how to verbalize them. Young children can learn the American Sign Language and tell their parents what they need.

Most parents are skeptical because they wonder how babies would be able to learn sign language. However, SignShine uses a ton of interactive tools such as games, songs, books and rhymes for teaching kids how to use practical signing for communicating successfully.

By teaching babies SignShine baby sign language, you are essentially empowering your child to be understood and also gives parents the opportunity to bond with their offspring.

Apart from that, research shows that learning sign language also has developmental benefits for babies like a higher IQ, better grades in school and speaking earlier. Even special needs kids can use SignShine baby sign language to communicate with ease.